The Irish could sing an anti British Eurovision song

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to article on the Eurovision political song winner (May 16), I know it is currently popular to bash Russia because they will not bow down to American, British, etc, demands.

Hence western support and votes for this Ukrainian song and singer, for singing a song she says is about truth and history.

The lyrics state when strangers are coming they come to your house, they kill you all and say “we are not guilty”. Ethnic cleansing was also mentioned.

This was obviously political, yet organisers say it did not break political ban.

I wonder if next year the Irish entrant decides to sing a song of British history in their country which was invaded, occupied, ethnic cleansed, planted, partitioned, all by force, terror, torture and death – this is, as the Ukrainian entrant said, the truth.

Do News Letter readers believe there would be western support and votes for the Irish entrant?

The British action in Ireland sounds similar to the lyrics of the winning song, right down to the ‘were not guilty’.

I await reader replies to this scenario and what the action/reaction would be next year.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge