The law needs to be fair and transparent for all

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Anyone who is convicted for the crime of pre-meditated murder or an associate to murder, in my honest opinion should face the death penalty and be hung by the neck until pronounced dead.

As the death penalty has been abolished for murder crimes then the next best thing should be given by the court and that is incarceration for life.

That should mean from the time that the sentence begins then it should not be terminated before the death of the person who committed the murder.

A life for a life. No privileges, no bail, no time off for going on holiday, no time off for weddings or funerals, no time given for studying law, the very thing which they are guilty of, breaking the law of the land and the law of God, no remission for good behaviour.

We have no need for a shared government in Ulster. We need honest, intelligent, God fearing, transparent wise individuals to make and pass laws for this land that would be fair for everyone.

The law needs to be equally fair and transparent for all, and seen to be carried out irrespective of whether Orange or Green.

There is not one of us have a say on how we come into this world but we have a responsibility and a choice on how we leave it.

That is of course, depending if some individuals decides to take that choice from us by the bomb or bullet.

William Brown, Magherafelt