The LGBT lobby is against polygamy


It seems that Samuel Morrison (Nov 3) is arguing for polygamy for bisexuals.

This is very bizarre. Firstly, it is not possible. Bigamy is currently illegal under ‘The Offences against the Person Act 1861’, section 57. Secondly, the introduction of polygamy would in any case amount to discrimination.

Samuel Morrison argued, “If someone is bisexual they would, by the logic of the same sex marriage lobby, require a minimum of three people in a marriage to have their rights recognised.”

This argument doesn’t carry any water. To make my point I refer to the highest court in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Lord Wilson of the U.K. Supreme Court said in an address to the Medico-Legal Society in Belfast in February 2014 (‘Marriage is made for Man, not Man for Marriage’):

“The introduction of same sex marriage is largely designed to avoid discrimination against gay people, whereas the introduction of polygamy would create discrimination against women even if some of them felt driven to escape poverty by marrying men on that basis.”

Samuel Morrison is wrong and should desist from speculation and hypotheticals which whip up fear but which are entirely bogus. The LGBT lobby is doubly against polygamy. Not only has the LGBT lobby never mentioned polygamy (it is culturally alien), but its legalisation would amount to discrimination, something the LGBT is against.

Brian John Spencer, Belfast BT8