The men of 1916 did not die to be under a conglomerate

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Micheal O’Cathail in Monday’s News Letter (‘Brexit at last frees Republic from the encumbrance of NI’, May 22) states that Ireland lived under the shadow of Britain for “countless centuries”.

Countless? Sorry I cannot swallow that one.

Alleluia! Micheal says, at the prospect of the imminent departure of Britain from the European Union, and taking Northern Ireland with it.

Apparently Micheal believes this will free his Ireland (whatever that is?) to get on with a normal and beautiful life in the EU.

Now forget about countless centuries, but Northern Ireland’s six counties of his beloved Ireland, was born within this century.

Northern Ireland will be leaving the European Union, and remaining attached to Britain.

Micheal must know this, so I ask is he prepared to reject the six counties of Ireland, and be delighted to accept that a free 26 county Ireland in the European Union, will make Ireland an independent free nation?

Should that be the case, what was the senseless purpose to have thousands of people slaughtered, by a failed armed conflict carried out by the IRA?

I thought this armed struggle was to gain an independent free Ireland of 32 counties, not 26, and not inside an entity like the EU?

There are thousands of Irish people, born and bred in the six counties of Northern Ireland that would have no objection to a united Ireland attached to the British Commonwealth, not necessarily for their love of Britain, but to enjoy life with the indigenous people of the land of their birth.

I am sure Micheal’s historical knowledge of Ireland is greater than I possess, but I believed that the gallant men of 1916, laid down their lives, for Ireland to be a free independent nation governed by its own people, not Britain, and worse still, not a conglomerate of foreign nations, whose people have little or nothing in common with the people of the island I love.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin