The mis-use of the word ‘progress’

Since return of Stormont, hundreds of millions of pounds has been wasted
Since return of Stormont, hundreds of millions of pounds has been wasted

As Northern Ireland heads towards a general election, it comes as no surprise that many in the unionist community are becoming weary of so called ‘big house unionism’ spinning their numerous failures as some sort of progress.

Progress is a word which has been incorrectly used throughout this sorry spectacle of appeasing terrorism through the disastrous Belfast Agreement.



Since Stormont was inaugurated, hundreds of millions have been wasted on numerous failed policies, and Northern Ireland now sits burdened with almost £2 billion worth of debt.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the welfare reform agreed to by the current IRASF/DUP coalition will cost something in the region of £565m over the next five years, which will be taken from the NHS, schools, and other vital services for our citizens.

These same ministers are now proposing devolving corporation tax, which in addition, will cost approximately another £350m per year!

It is plainly obvious that IRASF’s strategy to bankrupt Northern Ireland is well on track, whilst those who profess to be unionists acquiesce shamefully with their mumbled lame excuse of there being less violence than before, as a valid reason to justify the financial ruination of Northern Ireland.

If abandoning principles and embracing the immoral elevation of terrorism in tandem with lumbering our province with billions more debt is indeed ‘progress’, then the future looks far from secure for the next generation.

Stephen Cooper

TUV councillor, Comber