The negative predictions of Remainers have not materialised

Letters to editor
Letters to editor
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I read in the News Letter the plans for a cross party Brexit committee in the light of no Assembly.

The three names mentioned are pro EU, one of which represents my constituency that voted Leave.

This is one reason that Steve Aiken will be at the bottom of my unionist list mixing with pro EU people who are either nationalist or they do not know what they are. Neither could be identified as a unionist.

The recent comments by Queen’s University that they want their voice to be included in the Brexit negotiations because they have foreign EU workers and students whom they want to be able to stay.

Not to mention the millions they receive from the EU.

In the TV report they mentioned that EU students would not be able to stay in the country after they graduate. My questions to them is why should they be able to stay in the UK? They have got studying cheaper in Northern Ireland than some of our mainland fellow Brits.

We have many of our own graduates who are struggling to find jobs. What is wrong with those who work at Queen’s from the EU getting work visas if they are really needed and they can not find locals to do the jobs? As for the money they receive? Like other work sectors they will get UK government help if what they are doing is to the benefit of society?

I understand their concern for their jobs but the people of the UK have voted that they wish to leave the EU.

There are other issues as well that are yet to be ironed out. The negative predictions that so many remainers said would happen have not materialised thus far and there are those who should apologise for their scare mongering.

John Mulholland, Doagh