The only thing Tony Blair was good at was amassing a personal fortune


So, Mr Blair claims that he got it right in allowing hundreds of thousands of eastern European migrants move into Britain.

Kindly permit me to say to Mr Blair, that not only was he wrong in this decision, but hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of British citizens also believe he got it wrong, and I have every confidence the next election will endorse this thinking.

I put it to Mr Blair, not only did he get Europe wrong, he also got Iraq wrong, where he is jointly responsible with his pal Mr Bush, of creating a human hell in Iraq, resulting in the displacement, and slaughter of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, not to mention a global Islamic uprising.

You Mr Blair, also got it wrong when you supported the aims of IRA terrorists here in Northern Ireland, and worse still created an opportunity (in my eyes illegal) for suspected IRA murderers to evade prosecution.

In conclusion I say to you Mr Blair, the only thing that you have been successful at, has been creating yourself to become a multi millionaire, other than that I consider you are a disgrace to humanity.

Harry Stephenson