The Pentagon is right to investigate UFOs

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’m delighted with the confirmation that the Pentagon ran a secret programme aimed at investigating UFOs.

It pleases me because it vindicates the many groups and individuals worldwide who have devoted their lives to uncovering the mysteries surrounding these craft that may come from outer space or originate in dimensions or levels of existence unknown to us here on earth.

The fact that the hard headed men and women of the Pentagon would consider UFOs worthy of serious attention must give a well deserved boost to amateur investigators and, more importantly, to people who previously might have remained silent about life changing extraterrestrial encounters.

Of course there are chancers and pranksters and people who suffer from delusions, but one cannot dismiss the thousands of credible witnesses, such as police officers, pilots, and air traffic control operatives who report sightings.

A hostile and scathing media is, I believe, responsible for people remaining silent about such phenomena as UFOs, near death experiences, ghosts, and what they believe to be contact with those we think of as “dead”.

One journalist, who I won’t name, has an obsession with attacking mediums and UFO witnesses, branding them as either liars or mentally ill.

This is grossly unfair, and deeply unhelpful to the process of encouraging people to share their experiences with a view to better understanding or possibly resolving the anomalous phenomena.

While we shouldn’t be credulous and blithely accepting of every claim, it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind and to listen.

The stock response of the closed minded sceptic, that “UFOs are just weather balloons, meteorites or misidentified aircraft, and that “the death of the body equals extinction” is based on nothing more than a lazy attitude to the evidence/indications that other planets might be inhabited and that life might well continue in another form after physical death.

Scientific theories are subject to change or rebuttal. Science itself is a work in progress.

Today’s rigid supposed “rules” can become the bar room jokes of another era.

So, let’s not subject someone to ridicule who is adamant that he/she has seen a ghost, a UFO, deceased relatives during a Near Death Experience, or who claims to have got an accurate message from a departed loved one at a séance.

There’s a lot about the vast unfathomable universe that we don’t understand, and we honestly haven’t a clue about what might lie beyond it.

The truth is out there...somewhere.

John Fitzgerald, Kilkenny