The public’s assent to leave the EU

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On Tuesday June 14 we’d hosted a EU debate at Craigy Hill Presbyterian.

Participants included Sammy Wilson, David Ford, Andrew Clarke, John Shannon and Prof Stephen Williams.



Both sides argued this case passionately and while many didn’t change their minds, it certainly cemented many minds on their vote.

Reflecting on the EU referendum result I’d like welcome the public’s assent to leave the EU.

We need be wary of prophets of doom who warn about giants in the land before us yet realise that milk and honey will be hard won.

By the Lord’s hand, kings rule and princes decree therefore we are reminded the fate of our nation is wrapped up in God’s gracious plans and merciful purposes. We seek his will for our land in prayer and petition, heeding His Word which reminds us not to put our hope in princes, in human beings that cannot save.

Rev Ben Preston, Craig Hill Presbyterian