The rewriting of history has to stop


On Monday we watched a programme on RTE which again is a complete one-sided approach to what has happened in Northern Ireland.

The victims we represent whose numbers are now in the 1000s these people are approaching us to say they are disgusted with the attempt to rewrite our history and also romanticise the IRA (as indeed are ordinary people within the community).

So acts like Kingsmills and Darkley gospel hall were political in eyes of Irish government to name a few.

We as victims are continuously told that we are holding up the peace process, simply because we will not accept terrorists as romantic freedom fighters.

We cannot believe the arrogance of republican families and indeed the Irish government to talk about collusion, given the fact that the Irish government supplied them with a holiday camp and 1000s of weapons out of Dublin Barracks and also refused to extradite mass murderers!

This one-sided approach, and this myth that the republicans’ murderous campaign was justifiable, has to stop. The idea that it was all about Irish gnomes and the poor Irish is a joke. That boat sailed 40 years ago and we intend to hold as many of these serial killers and apologists to account.

William Frazer, Chairman of Families Research Policy Unit, Spokesman of FAIR