The scandal of £200 an hour RHI legal fees

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I begrudge every single penny to lawyers, who are funded by people young and old, who are investigating the RHI scandal.

The rate of £200 an hour is a colossal amount of money in anyone’s imagination and though it is said ‘a workman is worthy of his hire’, that amount of money, given the uncertainty of the outcome of the inquiry, is nothing short of scandalous.

A coalminer would earn only around £20 an hour. Vast difference to £200 an hour and not having to dirty your hands.

The taxpayer did not create this scandal so why then should we be made responsible to pay for the mistakes of those in government?

Have we, the taxpayer, not suffered enough over the years with adding fuel to the fire?

William Brown, Magherafelt