The West can cry foul over North Korea but it’s all hypocrisy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The US has over 23,000 troops stationed in South Korea at 83 sites but mostly at the Osan and Kunsan air bases and the Chinhae naval base.

Guam, the US’s “permanent aircraft carrier” hosts US B52s, which are well within bombing range of Pyongyang. A Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence System (THAAD) was installed by the US in South Korea last April.

Although it’s defensive purpose is emphasised, THAAD can be used offensively.

The US and South Korea annually carry out war exercises close to the border with North Korea.

These exercises are no more than rehearsals for a future invasion of North Korea – something which many commentators see as inevitable.

It is no wonder then, considering the above, that North Korea is testing missiles and making offensive postures for all its worth.

The West can cry foul as much as it wants, but it’s all hypocrisy.

The world knows that Iraq and Libya were disarmed with pressure from international bodies before the US pulverised both countries without mercy.

The world knows, thanks to heroes like Mr Vanunu, that Israel has nuclear weapons and that Israel tends to carry out it’s military threats against its neighbouring countries – Israel’s recent bombings of Syria, for example.

The world knows that since WW2 the US has bombed dozens of countries, has invaded dozens of countries, and has intervened in dozens of countries whenever and however US interests are threatened.

North Korea is another potential marketplace for US corporations to exploit. North Korea is another distraction away from the economic malaise which presently is the US economy.

North Korea is another obstacle in the way of full-spectrum dominance – the US vision of military superiority across the world.

The fall of North Korea will be another step towards the containment and later conquest of China and Russia (see the Pentagon’s Joint Concept for Access and Manoeuvre in the Global Commons or JAM-GC.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough