There are many victims of British-led wars

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Re Kenny Donaldson and innocent victims (‘A message to Mary Lou McDonald and SF-IRA movement of which she is now president,’ January 22), there is no doubt there are many innocent victims in Northern Ireland as a result of violence, and I agree with Kenny and accept that no grievance, enmity or political objective justifies criminal violence.

Would Kenny agree with me that British involvement in Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria etc this century, and many centuries earlier, had political objectives and has resulted in many millions dead injured displaced drowned at sea innocent victims as a result of British-led wars?

Kenny also condemns those who glorify and romanticise those who carry out killings. How does he think loved ones left alive in above wa- torn countries feel when they observe every November British soldiers, sailors and airmen (women) paraded through towns and cities awarded medals stripes and honours for the violent actions in the above respective countries?

Is it not time we all accepted there was wrong and violence on all sides? This we are the good guys and you are the bad ones has to cease and let us all live together as equals which we are.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge