There can be no reconciliation until McGuinness sheds IRA code of silence

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

On November 23 Sinn Fein relaunched their policy document on reconciliation in Clifton House, Belfast.

We have become very familiar with Sinn Fein’s distortion of language to enhance their mythopoeia or as canon David Porter put it: “Republicans have form in colonising language.”

Declan Kearney and Martin Mc Guinness referred to ”political unionists” (one assumes that they mean a sub-set like “big house unionists” or “bigoted unionists”).

Mc Guinness in his ad-libbing address stumbled from non sequitur to non sequitur describing some anonymous unionists as having a psychological blockage to their version of reconciliation. Perhaps Mr McGuinness the cognitive dysfunction lies with you.

Reconciliation (personal and political) begins with confession for past deeds and at present Sinn Fein backs aggressively the asymmetrical legal assault on British “securocrats” for events during the Troubles (more accurately described as armed insurrection).

It is indeed right that those who have broken the law should be called to account. There can be no meaningful reconciliation with unionists and others until Mc Guinness sheds the IRA omertà or Mafian code of silence and is cross-examined by legal tribunal for the part he played as one of the leaders of the IRA’s sectarian, killing campaign.

This campaign was unnecessary as the legitimate grievances of Irish nationalists could have been addressed through the democratic political institutions of Stormont,the Dail and Westminster.

The Shinners have no real insight into unionism and with the future possibility of demographics delivering the end of the Union with a Border Poll, they may then realise that the ultimate rapprochement in Ireland will be between unionism and Fine Gael.

There will be lamentations in the bogs of Ireland and the Shinners will be

“Alone,alone,all all alone

Alone on a wide, wide sea.”

George Mc Nally, Londonderry