There were no women protests against Clinton or IS

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

This past weekend saw the world take to the streets to protest against President Donald Trump.

Despite only being in the position for little over a day, millions of people rallied against him and his distasteful comments over women.

While I agree that his past comments and behaviour are crude and inappropriate, I find myself wondering where this righteous indignation on behalf of feminism when it was truly needed.

Firstly, the former President Bill Clinton abused his power, seduced an intern, defiled her in the White House and then lied about it, where was this rage then?

President Trump hasn’t even been in power that long, but the world hates this man so that many felt the need rot protest things that have not happened.

Yet when a sitting president took advantage of Monica Lewinsky (and others), there were no sisterhood solidarity marches.

Secondly, when the Islamic State (IS) gang rapes minority women, sells them off like cattle at slave markets and when they execute children, where were these marchers then?

Where are they when the Taliban throws acid in the faces of young schoolgirls?

It is depressing to see that the world can mobilise to protest a man who hasn’t done anything whilst in office all the while remaining deafly silent in the face of actual crimes committed against women worldwide.

Harold Ohayon, Belfast