They called me a progressive, now they call me a reactionary

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Reading the news in your columns this morning and having just celebrated my fiftieth birthday, in a reflective mood, I considered that it wasn’t very many years ago that I was often abused by those of a different persuasion for my ‘hell-inspired, progressive’ Presbyterian ways; approving of contraception, permitting divorce in the cases of adultery or abandonment and the like.

Nowadays, of course, I find that the same kind of people (sometimes the very same individuals) berate me with the same fundamentalist fervour as a reactionary anachronism because I still hold to those same, liberal and moderate opinions.

Christian views on marriage (one man and one woman for one lifetime) abortion (only in extremis, to save the life of the mother) and the rest were right twenty years ago, they are right now and they will still be right in twenty years’ time whatever our changeable, fashion-conscious neighbours have come to think by then.

Who knows!

Worship continues in my Congregations of Cremore, Fourtowns and Poyntzpass as normal in 2018, as it has these two hundred years and more.

Happy New Year to all!

Mark Wilson, The Manse, Cremore