Time for unionists to put sovereignty and country first

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

If any unionists ever needed evidence of the republican/nationalist plot to remove Northern Ireland from the UK through the EU, they surely have it now.

Many of us knew before the Brexit referendum that the vote in Northern Ireland was unionist against republican. And to vote remain was one of their ‘Trojan horses’.

All unionists, no matter which way they voted, or even if they did not vote, need to stand firm to this threat to the union.

The vote to leave took those who want to break up the UK by surprise, so they are trying to break it into regional areas for their own ends.

I find it hard to believe that Mrs May and the Tories would come to any agreement with the Republic to undermine the union.

They are also dependent on the DUP for support in crucial areas. They knew from the outset the DUP position; why would they put it in jeopardy? It does not make sense!

The Tories need to come clean on this whole debacle.

If it is revealed that Mrs May was going to sell us down the river and align us with the Republic of Ireland, the DUP should call for her resignation and, failing that, they should withdraw their support.

It shows you the absolute disrespect that the EU has for the

unionist people.

To get where it wants to be, it would trample us under its feet.

It is time for some unionists to get the pound, or euro, signs out of their eyes and put their country and its sovereignty first.

Not to do this would put Northern Ireland at the mercy of those who want to destroy us as a country.

John Mulholland, Doagh