Time for unionists to stand up to SF

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

It is a sad thing that justice in Northern Ireland has been stood on its head to keep the Stormont debacle going.

There seems no desire to bring republican murderers to justice. Even if evidence came to bring them to justice it seems unlikely that the authorities could prosecute them thanks to the deal done with the Blair and Hain deal.

This was to issue OTR letters and even royal pardons to the IRA. With this knowledge unionist politicians sit in government with Sinn Fein/IRA. The threat that came from Mr Robinson never came to fruition even though he never got his wishes concerning the letters.

It begs the question, “how much did unionist politicians know about these letters”?

With the knowledge that IRA terrorists are untouchable, republicans have become even more arrogant in their accusations against our security services.

They even are trying to blame the security services on some of the horror that they caused.

It is time that our unionist politicians started to show the IRA up for what they were, “a bunch of murdering criminals”.

If unionist politicians who sit in government with Sinn Fein/IRA fail in doing so, they will show themselves up as a bunch of career politicians.

John, Doagh