To republicans Stormont is another weapon to accomplish what the IRA started with bombs and bullets

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Arlene Foster’s recent speech, offering SF an Irish language act in exchange for an immediate return to Stormont, revealed just how desperate the leadership of the DUP are to revive the failed power-sharing institutions and resume the ministerial positions and careers cut short when SF collapsed the assembly at the beginning of the year.

Indeed I would suggest that some within the DUP would be prepared to offer more than an Irish language act to go back into government, possibly up to and including support for so called “gay marriage”.

Compromise of this nature – whether introducing an Irish language act or softening attitudes toward sodomy – in order to share political power with an unrepentant terrorist organisation is a reflection of the moral bankruptcy and turpitude that pervades the DUP.

Such an obsession with restoring the institutions ignores two salient points: first, even granting that a return to government is not motivated by desires for power, there are certain principles which are more important than education, the economy or health.

These are the Biblical principles of justice, righteousness and truth.

All of which reflect the moral and spiritual condition of a nation and all of which must be violated if men of blood such as Gerry Adams, Gerry Kelly etc are to be willingly elevated to the heart of government in Northern Ireland.

A party that contains those guilty of conducting a savage and sectarian terrorist campaign and that continues to glorify such murder is totally unfit to occupy the highest offices of the land.

Many within the DUP speak publicly of the Christian faith that motivates them, I would challenge such to consider the words of James 4:17 “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

Secondly, the DUP are ignoring the fact that IRA/SF are only interested in using Stormont and the peace process so long as it delivers on their agenda of eradicating every trace of Britishness and Protestantism in Ulster.

To republicans Stormont is only another weapon to accomplish what the IRA started with bomb and bullet.

When they feel that every possible concession and compromise that will undermine Protestantism has been wrung from political unionism they will move on to the next phase in their relentless war.

Richard Ferguson, Dollingstown