Tory performance in NI was abysmal


Johnny Andrews accuses me of “parochial paranoia” (Letters, June 22).

He ought to know that there is nothing parochial in referring, as I did in my letter, to a London based member of the Lords; and as for the charge of paranoia, I expressed no fears, irrational or otherwise.

He also suggests that I’m dreaming about historic links between the Conservatives and the Ulster Unionists. Lord Lexden wants to revive those links; I expressed no view.

Mr Andrews boasts that the Conservatives are within striking distance of gaining assembly seats. Has he really failed to see that his party still has no council seats let alone no representation at Stormont? A brief analysis of the three seats in which the Conservatives came their ( very poor ) best should demonstrate that at the next assembly election the Conservatives will be squeezed out by the larger parties; those parties will have multiple candidates and their supporters will probably transfer lower preferences to them rather than to the Conservatives.

Mr Andrews may think that because he came sixth in the general election he is guaranteed one of the six Stormont seats: he should try to be less naive.

In eight of the other constituencies the Conservative candidate came bottom – so what hope there? Most of the candidates were recruited from outside Northern Ireland and there seems to have been little competition to contest seats here among aspirant Conservatives.

Mr Andrews boasts that his party here punches above its weight. Can he tell us about any concrete achievements – other than drinks with the Secretary of State or a “selfie” with the Prime Minister?

Perhaps Mr Andrews should try to think hard about his party’s abysmal performance rather than traducing the party which his grandfather and great-grandfather represented with such distinction.

C.D.C. Armstrong, Belfast

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