Trevor Ringland: I am backing Remain

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I will be voting in support of the United Kingdom remaining part of the European Union on the 23rd June.

I have listened carefully to the many debates over the past number of weeks and am probably as confused as anyone around the facts and figures promoted in support of a particular referendum preference.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

What I am convinced of though, is that those supporting a “Brexit” are asking the people of the United Kingdom to, in effect, jump over a wall without having any clear understanding of what is on the other side of it!

So we should reflect on how much better our society is compared to forty years ago and that there is no reason why it should not continue to prosper inside the EU if we take up the challenge of dealing properly with the many real issues highlighted in the debate rather than walking away from them

At the same time I would argue strongly against the “ever closer union” ideal promoted by some. “Separate but together” is a better concept through building a sense of interdependence between countries by respecting and encouraging a constructive form of nationalism.

Trevor Ringland, Holywood