Trump was not seen as any worse than Clinton and did not have the polish to cover his raw nature


Brian McClinton, humanist apologist, poses useful questions (November 16) as to why Christians would vote for Donald Trump based on the apparent distance between the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and the life style and history of Mr Trump.

Brian values high standards of behaviour and the teachings of our Lord as he records bible references.

Of course the entire teaching of our Lord is also important in relation to our salvation as well, when He likens himself to the door, John 10 v 9, the way, the truth, the life, John 14v6. the resurrection, John 11:25, the light. John 8:12. the need of the new birth. John 3:7, The finished work. John 19:30. an appearance after his resurrection John 20:19-20.

His ascension and promised return. Acts 1: 6-11.

Be assured that many Christians had a struggle which one of the candidates (unredeemed sinners) to vote for.

Brian did not discuss Hilary who held office for 30 years and was no saint any more than Trump.

She was part of the establishment that people believed was corrupt in both political camps; blamed for negligence and drift in the country.

Not all churches were happy with some of the laws in conflict with their teaching.

Trump was not seen as any worse and did not have the polish to cover his raw nature. Mike Pence vice-president elect described himself as ‘a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican in that order’,

He gave his testimony of conversation to Christ and whilst he did not support every action by Donald Trump during the campaign he nevertheless explained that Trump supported the maintenance of the constitution and was pro-life.

His economic, law and order and business approach promised greater change.

Hopefully Mike Pence will be a controlling influence and witness in the life of Donald Trump and others in government.

David Barbour, Coleraine