UFU welcomes call for Russian pork ban to be lifted

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

A World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling has confirming that the Russian ban on pork exports and live pigs breaks global trading rules.

We are pleased that the WTO has ruled that the ban is illegal.

We are now echoing calls by our EU counterparts for the ban to be lifted.

Before Russia imposed these restrictions it accounted for just under a quarter of European pork exports.

This was worth €1.4 billion a year.

While this announcement is being seen as a positive step, local producers should not to be over-optimistic about the impact.

The Russian authorities now have 60 days to decide if they wish to appeal the WTO ruling.

Should they decide to do this, it will hit hopes that farmers will see speedy benefits from the ruling on this restrictive trade barrier.

As part of COPA COGECA, the umbrella body for farm lobby organisations and cooperatives, the UFU will continue to press for measures that would see a reopening of EU pork trade to Russia.

Norman Robson, UFU Pork and Bacon Chairman