UK and Ireland should be re-united

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The British government has a moral duty to bring about the independence of the United Kingdom in accordance with the referendum result of June 23.

Southern Ireland deserves to be able to leave the European Union as well.

It was and is a tragedy the partition of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1922 and the subsequent entrapment of both in the failed European Union.

The answer to this is the reunification of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland with Ireland having its own government and parliament responsible for matters outside defence and foreign affairs and the freedom of both parts of the reunited Kingdom from the failed European Union which is not Europe as Norway and Switzerland show.

As the words of Rule Britannia say ‘Britons Never Shall be Slaves’ and Robert Burns ‘For Never but by British Hands must British Wrongs be Righted’.

The Union Jack symbolises the unity of the British Isles in British freedom.

Robert Lee Shipley, Chatham, Kent