UK and US adept at state terrorism


War does not solve problems.

On Monday October 28 British-made, Saudi warplanes attacked a wedding party near Mocha in Yemen.

Over 70 civilians were killed in this one attack. It appears that the groom was “affiliated” in some way with the Houthis.

In Syria, Britain is arming and training the Syrian rebels and supporting them with airstrikes. At the same time Britain is happy supplying military hardware to the Saudi dictatorship who are killing civilians in the hundreds in their attacks on the Houthis rebels in Yemen. Make sense?

It only makes sense when one factors in “British interests”. But forget about the presumed war on terror, human rights, or making the world a better place, etc.

Britain is knee-deep in murder and hypocrisy, and if the truth be told (which it often isn’t), Britain is a long-practiced adept in state terrorism and along with the USA poses the greatest threat to global stability.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough