UK needs not another British Brussels but a British Strasbourg

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

If and when the British as presently defined leave the European Union why is it being taken for granted that powers and competences that are returned from Brussels should return to the city whose exercise even of the powers and the competences that it presently enjoys is not entirely to the liking of all the members of the present British Union?

The present Union is the legacy of history and the imperial ambitions of the English and were powers and competences to be returned to London it would simply make a bad situation worse.

The present Union not only divides Ireland against the will of the majority of Irish people but also denies to Scotland and to Wales an equal say in the conduct of the affairs of the Union and if a success is to be made of leaving the European Union the likelihood of doing so with the structure of government of an Empire that is long gone is not great.

With David Cameron having failed to achieve the reforms he sought to the European Union might not his idea of how the European Union should develop suit the British better?

In such an event, for the more equitable and more effective dispensation of powers and competences would not the requirement be not for another British Brussels but for a British Strasbourg?

Richard Ede, Liverpool