Ukip are in the pro-Union mix, says McNarry


Further to Alex Kane’s piece in the News Letter (February 16) which epitomised the potential of party pacts like a rolling of the dice or a lottery: let me say if his intuition is correct, it would be wholly inappropriate for either the DUP or UUP to do a deal without consideration of other parties.

After all, we are all unionist parties.

Ukip have said openly, talk to us about South Belfast. To date there has been no response from either the DUP or the UUP.

Ukip have also said where there exists clear facts, not fiction, that a single candidate would have an opportunity to take a seat from a non-unionist, we are in the mix. Ukip are clear that, ourselves included, every effort should be made to maximise the pro-Union vote where it counts.

However, for the DUP and UUP to go off to do a tidy deal between each other as Alex Kane implies, it would mean that they together were signalling that they couldn’t care less how many unionists contest elections in North Belfast, East Belfast, South Antrim, Upper Bann and South Belfast.

David McNarry

Ukip MLA, Stormont