Ulster Unionists seem unfamiliar with chivalry

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is a measure of how fatuous the Ulster Unionist Party has become when their doughty, ‘let battle begin’ leader Mike Nesbitt, can only welcome the appointment of Claire Sugden as Justice minister with some indecorous comment.

How miserably imbecile and objectless has the UUP become over the past few years. Mike Nesbitt has faith in nothing but expediency, since receiving a vote of no confidence from the Ulster people, and dares to threaten this innovation in a fit of pique.

No doubt as self appointed leader of the so called opposition, he will have many opportunities to display the crassness directed at Ms Sugden.

In the meantime we can only assume that chivalry is a word with which the UUP are not familiar.

Wilson Burgess, Londonderry BT47 6AR