Unemployed could pick up litter


So, Mr Adams has lent his weight, to persuade David Cameron & Co, that the people of the northern state of Ireland (as the media reported) are a special case for welfare benefit.

As a taxpaying pensioner, I would like to know if Sinn Fein, and for that matter the other parties too, in the Northern Ireland Assembly, would not think it is time those who are unemployed, ie “looking for work”, that are able bodied, made a contribution towards the financial benefit, they get from the taxpayer ?

I see the present system of welfare benefit to the unemployed, as totally undemocratic, where those who are fortunate to be in employment, are taxed to provide a measure of comfort, for someone giving nothing in return.

I live in an area, supposed to be, and advertised as a place of outstanding natural beauty, ie the Ards peninsula.

Every road that I walk on, is littered from one end of the road to another, it is time that “those on the hill” that govern our lives introduced a bill, where those in receipt of unemployed benefit, removed litter from the highways and byways, on behalf of the local councils.

The councils would arrange collection points to pick up the litter, and inform the benefit system who collected litter, those who collected no litter, gets no benefit.

Its a simple as that.

Perhaps even the media could play their part, and send out one of their reporters with a camera, where the results they find, might shame the governors of our lives to introduce something that benefits society ?

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin