Unionist parties are hypocritical


Is it not just a bit hypocritical for the UUP leadership to say all the right pro-victims of terrorism things at the recent European Day for the Victims of Terrorism held in the Senate Chamber at Stormont, and yet assure me that I will not get what I am looking for — justice for my brother?

And isn’t it rather hypocritical for DUP people to pray for a good outcome for the Ashers bakery court case this week, yet the same party actually funds the gay lobby, which brought the case against Ashers, from public funds?

No wonder I ask politicians which party they suggest I vote for in the forthcoming Westminster election, given that they say with their lips that they support victims of terrorism and Christian businesses, on the one hand, and then, on the other, assure me that I will be denied justice for my brother, and have funded those from the gay community who are persecuting Christian business owners. What are voters to make of all this?

No doubt, hard-line party supporters will support their party regardless of what they say and do; it’s “my party right or wrong,” thus validating the allegation of the tribalism that controls our country.

But those who can think for themselves will make a more rational choice about who they want to represent them at Westminster.

Voting to keep a “worse” candidate out is no longer a viable reason for voting. While politicians revel in hypocrisy, sadly, voters have no problem in doing the same.

J. E. Hazlett Lynch (Dr)

Co. Londonderry