Unionist vote must be maximised in this Brexit election

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

This election will be most unusual in that it may well split on Brexit lines and in Scotland and Northern Ireland will concern the Union.

It could paradoxically raise the case of some Leave supporting Irish republicans voting for the DUP and SNP voters voting for the Tories.

It is of the utmost importance that the unionist vote is maximised in the upcoming ‘Brexit’ general election.

Whilst the DUP is best placed, regard must be given to returning the maximum number of unionist MPs including the two current Ulster Unionist MPs and Lady Sylvia Hermon.

Perhaps the time is right to consider UK unionism and a link with the Conservative and Unionist Party?

Forty four per cent of the electorate in Northern Ireland voted for the UK to Leave.

A majority of Northern Ireland MPs and MEPs support the Union and implementing Brexit.

The NI Assembly rejected special status in the EU.

Some 86% of all Northern Ireland sales are within Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Alan Day, Coagh