Unionists must take heads out of sand

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Another election in Northern Ireland and yet again the Ulster Unionist Party have had a catastrophic result.

I can recall a conversation in 1975 I had with John Taylor, now Lord Kilclooney.

At that time the DUP had won one or two seats at the expense of the Ulster Unionists and I could see that in years to come nationalists parties were going to be the big winners with this split between unionists.

I distinctly remember airing my fears of the split between unionists and I said to him, ‘What about the old saying, United we Stand Divided we Fall’? Mr Taylor laughed, stating the Unionist Party had nothing to fear because they were the biggest party. Over 40 years later,I still recall the conversation clearly and where we were when we had it.

Do unionists still have their heads buried in the sand?

In the mid 1970s, grassroot unionists could see that a split in unionism would only benefit nationalists but the unionist hierarchy couldn’t see the writing on the wall.

Now perhaps all shades of unionism will unite before we find ourselves in a united Ireland or maybe we are already too late.

Victor Bow, Portrush