Unionists need to get their heads out of the sand


It would have been a wrong move for the DUP or indeed any unionist to enter into a deal on power sharing and give away ground to people who do not even want Northern Ireland to exist.

No matter how keen some unionists may have been to get into power, it would have been folly to except a bad deal to achieve this.

It seems the DUP were backed into a corner with no way out but to surrender our British way of life to those who want to rid Northern Ireland of all things British (except the money).

What it was that broke the deal rumoured earlier, I think unionists can be thankful for?

It is concerning if there were those within the DUP that were prepared to dress up an Irish language act wrapped up in Ulster Scots paper when our common language is English.

Being British is more important than any unnecessary speaking of a second language.

I believe that the vast majority of unionists would have wanted our politicians to have walked away.

It shows you the importance of unionists voting for unionist parties and turning out like they did in the general election.

If we can bring unionists together another election may be no bad thing?

Unionists need to get their heads out of the sand and realise that most of the guns maybe silent but republicans are waging a cultural war, aided by some people who should know better!

Sinn Fein/IRA cannot change their spots.

We have seen too much glorification of terrorism and even the mocking of victims from some current Sinn Fein/IRA politicians!

To believe that there has been a change of mindset would be foolhardy in the extreme.

John Mulholland, Doagh