Upper Bann DUP engaged in lazy politics


I am dismayed the Democratic Unionist Party are continuing to sell the message of fear in Upper Bann while promoting Sinn Féin. Whatever it is, it’s not what the people of Upper Bann need.

So I shall recap on the latest poll published in the Portadown Times just so we are all clear of what it actually means. Of the 78 thousand constituents in Upper Bann only 600 were asked how they would vote - that’s less than 1%.

So that’s it - 10 years of having David Simpson as Upper Bann MP representing you, that is what he is basing his whole campaign on. Not on policies, not on the future of our NHS, the education system, our economy or standing in Europe. He is telling you, the electorate, to vote for him based on the opinions of 600 people.

It is lazy politics, the politics of fear and it is taking for granted the views and needs of the electorate. In essence he is saying you don’t care about the important issues in Upper Bann, you don’t see a forward looking constituency, a bright better future for you and your children. Instead David Simpson MP is saying you are content with what you have because it doesn’t need to get better than this.

I have been a soldier for 33 years serving around the world and I can tell you now it does get better than this and you deserve better. Tired, lazy politics must be replaced with a new fresh and vibrant approach. Do you think our economy, education and health care is better now than it was 10 years ago - no? Then why would you vote for another 5 years of the same.

Doug Beattie,