UUP has 238,584 reasons to want to remain in the EU

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

It was entirely predictable that the UUP would decide to side with what remains of the Cameron government and against the people over EU membership.

The truth is, of course, that the UUP receive £238,584 a year in staff and office costs from Jim Nicholson’s job as an MEP, without even taking into account his £78,000 a year salary”.

This is in stark contrast to Ukip who, though they are the largest UK party in the EU with 24 seats compared to the Conservative’s total of 19, have taken the principled stand that they want to lose their right to a place on the EU ‘gravy train’ in order to give the UK back its freedom.

In this Ukip are like the DUP who are also willing to sacrifice their MEP staff and office costs in order to deliver this country from EU bondage.”

Make no mistake about it – the referendum vote on 23rd June is about our national freedom. I would also suggest that the Assembly election of 5th May is about the same thing.

Unionist voters who believe in leaving the EU should give their votes and voting preferences to those parties willing to put country before party and put the people’s interests above their party’s place on the EU gravy train – locally that is UKIP and the DUP who are standing together on this core issue, the great issue of our age and generation.

Stephen Crosby, Ukip Assembly candidate, Strangford