UUP is aligning with nationalists on EU

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

As I watched on the BBC news the opening of the pro EU campaign, I found it somewhat concerning to see the Ulster Unionist Party among republicans, nationalists and a party that does not know what they are, namely Alliance, all who would have little support for British sovereignty.

It seems that under the present leadership of the UUP it has become a very liberal party compared to bygone days under people such as Jim Molyneaux.

One of the main arguments for leaving the EU is the issue of sovereignty. How can a Unionist party allow unelected bureaucrats to dictate to the United Kingdom? We cannot even control our own borders.

The latest figures that 333,000 migrants have come to the UK above the people who left shows the serious situation that free movement causes. We can do nothing about it while we stay in the EU. It is only going to go one way if we stay in and that is upwards.

If we take into consideration that over half our laws are being made in Brussels it shows you the power that the EU has over the British people. If we vote to remain it is only going to get worse as the EU continues its power grab.

It is sad that there are those of the Unionist tradition that bring self interest before the United Kingdom as a whole. I think we all have one of the most important decisions to make in our lifetime.

What kind of UK are we going to leave our children? Will it be one that is run by foreign bureaucrats or one who’s future is determined by the British people themselves?

John Mulholland, Doagh