Victims are now starting to come together – next we will push for ‘Slab’ Murphy’s arrest

Thomas 'Slab' Murphy
Thomas 'Slab' Murphy

On Tuesday I attended the 20th anniversary of the Docklands bombing by the IRA.

I have been working with Jonathan Ganesh and the Docklands Victims’ Association (DVA) for a number of years.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Firstly I brought my condolences from the victims of south Armagh and also to let them know that not everything that came out of south Armagh was evil.

To think 20 years ago people came from south Armagh to murder and maim innocents. They should be ashamed of the actions rather than continuing to try and glorify and justify them.

While I was there Jonathan Ganesh and I met a senior Metropolitan Police officer.

We told told him that we are trying to arrange for a statement to be taken calling for an investigation into Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy and the Libyan connection.

We told him that we believe that this man has never been properly investigated regarding any possible link with arms shipments from Libya.

We hope now to change that.

We also spoke with the Foreign Affairs Minister Tobias Ellwood and he has agreed to meet with ourselves as soon as possible.

He intends to travel to Northern Ireland to meet with victims face to face.

Tuesday was an historic event in the sense that numerous people were there from different terrorist attacks from the 7/7 bombings, Harrod’s bombing, Manchester bombing and ourselves from Northern Ireland.

The victims are starting to come together to unite in their campaign in the fight against terrorism.

It was encouraging to see a senior Metropolitan Police officer. He was under no doubt we intend to push for Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy to be arrested.

After the service a number of victims came together from all over the United Kingdom to decide now is the time to go to Libya with or without the support of the Foreign Office.

Willie Frazer, Spokesman FAIR