Victims felt betrayal at prince meeting SF leader

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

The vast majority of the people in Northern Ireland have sympathy and understanding of the horror of the Manchester atrocity and don’t adopt the hypocritical stance of Sinn Fein many of whose members carried out such atrocities for many years e.g. La Mon, Bloody Friday, Enniskillen, Kingsmill, Teebane, Claudy to name but a few.

In the light of this empathy perhaps the Mancunians will understand the sense of betrayal the victims and their families felt when the Prince of Wales visited Dublin and met Gerry Adams; how would the families of the victims of Manchester react if the successor to the Crown in due course met and exchanged pleasantries with a leader of an Islamic extremist group?

It is hardly likely such an action would take place in Great Britain but of course unionist were always treated as second class UK members.

Lord Mountbatten in the early 1970s at Windsor Castle made his view clear to the Irish ambassador that he favoured a united Ireland and who is to say he wasn`t conveying the real royal preference

Lyle Cubitt, Ballymena