Vision puts peacebuilding at centre amid our divisions

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In 2016 the Presbyterian Church in Ireland produced a statement about her Vision for Society.

This statement is centred on the Bible and the Gospel and places peace-building at the heart of Christian discipleship.

It is a very good statement and commended to all.

It captures the best of Irish Presbyterianism, conservative in its view of humanity and the need for redemption and radical in its call to take seriously the call of Jesus to love your neighbour, be they friend or foe.

You can see a copy of the statement by googling the Presbyterian Church in Ireland website.

I have a role in the church in commending it to people in local congregations.

Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Dissenter or other, I have pleasure in the midst of our deep rooted divisions, current political deadlock and understandable struggles with the past in commending this Vision. I

t is a word for today that can help us find a better tomorrow! Now there is something to lift the spirit on this St. Patrick’s Day!”

Rev Stephen Johnston, Chair of Good Relations Panel, Presbyterian Church in Ireland