Voter registration for the EU poll

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

With more than 6m people yet to register to vote on June 23rd, Stronger In Europe is to lead mass voter registration drive today.

Volunteers will line-up alongside leading politicians at 30 rallies across every region and nation, as the Remain campaign mobilises its biggest voter registration drive so far.

Spearheaded by a headline event in each of the eight regions, the rallies are being held in the top 30 Get Out The Vote areas for young people. In Belfast the drive will be held at College Street in the centre of Belfast at 3.30pm, near to the back entrance of Boot’s.

We will remind the public about the impending June 7 registration deadline.

Voter registration cards will be handed to the public with the details of how to register.

Alasdair O’Hara, NI Stronger In, Belfast