Voters seem happy to engage with tribal politics

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Sam McBride is again lifting the lid in his reporting in the News Letter (‘Taxpayer losses from Invest NI scheme likely to exceed projected £29m,’ Oct 2) on what seems the endless failure in the political class that has brought our Province to its knee with the RHI scandal, only to be followed by the recent revelations associated with Invest NI.

It ought to alarm the most neutral voter.

However I’m sorry to say that I think the greater number of people in NI are happy to engage in tribal politics and I cannot see a wind of change which would punish those whose ambition is to line their pockets.

We see 90 MLAs enjoy full salary for the best part of this year and with no end in sight to this unbelievable practice.

It truly is a scandal of immeasurable proportions set against the health service needs and education demands.

Much more could be said, and indeed has been, yet nothing has been proposed to address the above squander.

Please continue to articulate the truth. I together with an innumerable number are most grateful.

George Young, Cullybackey, Co Antrim