Voting to stay in the EU is voting to surrender the UK’s democracy

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Less than a month ago Rebecca Harms of the German Green Party was calling for an end to the democratic process in the European Union, saying that it was not right that a “mob” (sic) could overthrow the desires of MEPs.

Coming on top of Brussels ignoring a 61% referendum result in the Netherlands in early April, the Irish, French and others also having had referendum results overturned by being told to ‘vote until you give the correct answer’, Greek and Italian elected representatives with anti EU opinions being replaced by those who are ‘more in tune with the European Project’ and many other examples you don’t need to be a political ‘anorak’ to see which way the European Union leaders are heading; how clear does the message have to be before some understand it ?

Voting ‘In’ on June 23 is voting to surrender democracy as we know it to be replaced by a decidedly non democratic European Union version which is remarkably close to ‘dictatorship’ and for a United States of Europe where our British pound will disappear.

We have the European Union President’s word on it.

Raymond Stewart, Newtownabbey