We are faced with an evil cult

Islamic extremists hold power in places including Mosul, Iraq.  (AP Photo/militant source via Twitter)
Islamic extremists hold power in places including Mosul, Iraq. (AP Photo/militant source via Twitter)

Every day brings news of atrocities in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, directed against those who do not subscribe to fundamental Islamic principles.

Fundamental Islam poses massive threats to our democratic world order. An evil cult can be defeated only by those who support an ideology which honours God and requires us to love our neighbours irrespective of their religion, race, or culture.



We must distinguish between fundamental Islamic fanatics and fellow citizens who follow the Muslim religion. No one should suffer persecution on the grounds of their religion.

We are faced with evil and terrorism directed at the destruction of democracy, resourced and nurtured by supporters in several African, Asian and Middle East countries.

The fight against this evil must be conducted by the elected governments of those countries within their own borders. All material, humanitarian and logistical support should be given to assist.

However our military forces must be deployed solely to defend our own borders so we cannot be presented as foreign invaders. Removal of citizenship, expulsion and exile of convicted terrorists must become matters for consideration across Europe as imprisonment will lead to greater radicalisation.

Purchasing an offensive satirical magazine in Paris may demonstrate solidarity with those who support unfettered free speech but more fundamental action is needed. European governments should call on leaders in every mosque in their country to condemn violence in general and Islamic terrorists in particular.

There can be no ambivalence and no place in any democracy for supporters of terrorism or Sharia Law.

The United Nations should require every country in membership to condemn Islamic terrorism and take military action against any manifestation of such evil within their borders.

Any country unable to comply should be expelled from membership of the UN.

Jack Gallagher,