We are indeed like a banana republic


In their recent articles News Letter columnists Alex Kane (July 27) and NR Greer (July 29) paint a picture of Northern Ireland which is even more depressing than the wet and dismal weather we are getting.

Weather forecasters can only give the forecast. Both Alex Kane and NR Greer have given a blunt but truthful assessment of the current position Northern Ireland is in.

As NR Greer states we are akin to a banana republic dependent on handouts and benefits.

The spectacle of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness going with begging bowl in hand to America pleading with US officials to persuade Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative government to hand out more money to Stormont is an embarrassment and is proof that under the present system of government that this Executive cannot manage a budget, let alone any other affairs in Northern Ireland and should be shut down right away.

Mr McGuinness may not realise it but the US administration has a deficit of $18.2 trillion which is the equivalent of every taxpayer having to pay back $154,000 so they are in no position to tell Mr Cameron how to run the finances of a region in the UK with a population of 1.7 million people.

It also shows the hypocrisy of an avowed socialist like Mr McGuinness going to a capitalist country such as the US to seek assistance while closer to home the European Union, which Sinn Fein is committed to, is forcing harsher austerity in Greece than the Conservatives are doing in the UK.

The Stormont House Agreement was supported by all five Executive parties and the British and Irish governments.

The UK government gives Northern Ireland a healthy budget to run our affairs and this is not happening so the best way forward is for a deadline to be given for welfare reform to be implemented and if this deadline is not met then do what most people want: shut down the Assembly and introduce direct rule.

Walter Millar, TUV Cookstown