We can be British and trade with EU


Several points in response to the letter by Edwin Fleming (May 4).

On funds – the UK tax payer is a huge net contributor to the EU – we pay far more in than we get back. The EU funds you refer to are merely UK tax payers money.

On trade – Turkey & Norway trade freely with the EU despite not being in the EU.

The EU sells more to the UK than vice versa – it is in the EU`s interests to strike a UK-EU free trade deal with what would be the EU’s biggest market.

The lobby group Business for Britain claims that 95 per cent of UK firms (mostly small businesses) do not trade with the rest of the EU.

As to border controls – are you referring to the EU or to the island of Ireland?

The common travel area pre-dates the EU and the Ireland Act (1949) specifically states that citizens of the Republic of Ireland are not foreigners.

Obviously some negotiations would be required between the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the EU but I would suggest the optimum outcome of `Brexit` would be a UK-EU free trade deal with a continuation of the CTA between the UK & Ireland. Whilst the UK would be able to strike it`s own trade deals with other countries (which it cannot currently do.)

The British people do not want unelected bureaucrats nor an EU Army, EU police, EU flag or EU national anthem – they want to be British and to be free to trade with their European neighbours as well as the rest of the world including the Commonwealth.

Alan Day (@Kilsally)

Ukip Mid-Ulster, Coagh