We had our own Eichmanns during the Troubles


Although I was aware of the atrocities the Nazi regime was responsible for, in the horrific ethnic cleansing of Jewish people during the second world war, out of a token of respect, to the Jewish victims that lost their life, in such barbaric fashion, I felt I just had to watch the programme on Herr Eichmann on BBC 2 (January 20).

Adolf Eichmann was responsible for the manner in which these most unfortunate people not only lost their life, but were disposed of in a fashion that one would dispose of poisonous weeds.

I could not help but feel, that during the worst stage of our ‘Troubles’, we had quite a few of our own Adolf Eichmanns, the IRA leading the way.

It must be said that similar acts were carried out by those from the loyalist brigades.

The difference of the Adolf Eichmann during the Second World War to the Irish/British Adolf Eichmann in the period of our ‘Troubles’, is that Herr Eichmann was caught, legally tried and sentenced to death, whereas our own Adolf Eichmanns (both sides I may add) are now governing our lives.

In conclusion, the Jewish people got some comfort and justice, whereas we are still lingering on and on, following a road that appears to have no ending, still shackled to divisive attractions, that denies all of us to live in a just and harmonious society.

Harry Stephenson