We have been here before with the Stormont Executive

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Stormont Executive is once again making news for all the wrong reasons as most people now see it as an embarrassment, with underhand dealings, the stench of corruption and no longer capable of doing anything constructive for the people of Northern Ireland.

This latest Nama crisis has resulted in the resignation of Sinn Fein MLA Daithi McKay who along with his colleague Thomas O Hara has been suspended by Sinn Fein for their contacts with loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson for allegedly passing him information and coaching him when he appeared before the Finance Committee giving evidence on the Nama inquiry before the then chairman Daithi McKay.

Those journalists in the media who are talking about yet another crisis at Stormont with the potential to collapse the Executive should think again as we have heard this all before over the years and the Executive is still in place.

In February 2014 after the collapse of the John Downey trial and the revelation that 187 IRA members received on the run letters which meant they couldn’t be charged, the then First Minister Peter Robinson threatened to resign unless these letters were revoked and the names of all 187 IRA members published.

Nothing happened and no names were published.

After the Kevin McGuigan murder in August 2015 by the IRA, the DUP again threatened to bring down the Executive unless action was taken against Sinn Fein.

Did they really believe the IRA had gone away and decommissioned their weapons?

As expected nothing happened.

This latest escapade is but a minor blip and the DUP and Sinn Fein will have another sham fight through the media but their lust for position and power will ensure the Stormont shambles will continue yet again.

Walter Millar, TUV Cookstown