We have some responsibility for our own health

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

Theft is wrong in any circumstance, but it is a particularly bad commentary on society when we read (News Letter front page December 7) that someone’s fitness equipment has been stolen from them.

In contrast, what a good example we have in the person who was robbed - in later life still keeping active and competitive.

So often these days we hear people saying ‘Give more money to the Health Service,’ but what about self-responsibility? Our health depends so much on what we ingest into our bodies.

When people consume excess alcohol, cigarette smoke, junk food etc, their arteries get clogged up and consequently our hospitals’ arteries and beds become overloaded too.

Row after row of supermarket shelves – especially at this time of the year – are bulging with chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sugary drinks . . . If the population of the UK were to veer away from devouring such dross and towards eating natural, nutritional food then the number of people with avoidable sickness would be reduced and the present health budget could be concentrated upon those with unavoidable ailments – and have money to spare.

Shakespeare wrote ‘The robb’d who smiles steals something from the thief’.

Let’s hope that in this case Mr Glover will be able to carry on with his healthy lifestyle and thereby continue to be a positive role model for us all.

Sam Dunn, Carrickfergus