We lost Brexit debate

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I would call upon those who, as I did, voted to remain in the European Union in last week’s referendum to refrain from seeking a second referendum.

Much as I identify with them in their dismay at what has happened, the vote has been taken. We have lost. As democrats, we have to accept the result.

I believe that our best option, as supporters of strong links with continental Europe, is to prevail on Mrs Foster, our First Minister, to ensure that Northern Ireland maintains a productive and strong relationship with the European Union.

It is, in my view, her responsibility to do this, given that she leads a country which clearly voted to remain.

Across the United Kingdom this referendum has been a disaster.

Across the UK, it has inflicted huge damage to our government, our political system, our society and even to our family relationships.

I cannot see how holding another referendum can be a good thing in this context.

Fin Lappin, Dollingstown