We need a post Brexit plan to protect the countryside

Countryside in North Antrim
Countryside in North Antrim

When we look around our countryside, we can see how much damage has been done through single dwellings with lack of planning.

This continues to happen as houses are still being erected even on open countryside.

Additionally, the added traffic that this results in, with housing developments in our towns and villages where the roads are not sufficient, threatens the safety of people and wildlife.

As we cycle around the countryside,the scale of fly tipping epidemic becomes evident. In recent days, it has been reported in the media an individual from Eire was illegally dumping in Northern Ireland and received only a £2,000 fine.

How many people who have been caught dumping or have polluted our rivers have received a punishment that fits the crime?

In our hedgerows and at the side of roads, there is rubbish that people, who care little for the countryside, have thrown out of their cars. This is environmental vandalism!

Post “Brexit”, we need the UK to put strong environment laws in place to protect our wildlife and environment. We need an independent commissioner for the environment.

The UK government has already promised a 25 year environmental plan, but this covers only England at the moment. The devolved administrations will have the option to adapt this plan. Let’s hope there is a desire to adapt it in Northern Ireland.

In recent days, we have seen people wanting to building roads through large sways of countryside and habitat.

The law in Northern Ireland still needs to be strengthened to protect our environment. Wildlife is unable to protect themselves; therefore, we must do it for them to ensure generations to come can enjoy the miracle that is nature.

John Mulholland, Doagh